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Gold Mark International consultants in Commodity Trading and Project Finance.

GMI Worldwide operation will secure project finance from US $5 million Upwards. We operate with large private lenders at some of the lowest interest rates in the world today. GMI engage in and securing of finance to a wide variety of projects, and welcome inquires on any viable well documented project. GMI commenced in the area of commodity trading in the late 1980’s with considerable success and after being constantly asked for varying types of finance we utilised our experience within the finance background to find suitable financiers which have changed constantly over the years due to world pressures ie. GFC crisis and of late European woes which has curtailed a substantial number of previous good sound lending financiers. This continues today but I can say with confidence our current lenders are very substantial and continue to support our inquiries from our wide range of clients worldwide.


Gold Mark International Gold Mark International are proud of our past record of successes commodity trading and in financing projects both in Australia and New Zealand and throughout Asia and India in vast and varying types of projects. We have also arranged for seed capital for various clients recommended to us by our lenders for the borrowers throughout Europe due to lenders not able legally to assist the client direct


Golden Mark International (Malaysia) is our affiliate office in Kuala Lumpur whereas Mr Sibananda (Sivam) ASA. PJK. Managing Director, will see to your required financing inquiries and refer all inquiries to head office in Australia

Contact Information

PO Box 16 North Dandalu
6207 Western Australia
Phone:+61 08 95301297
Mobile:+61 0419041941 Fine Edge Pty. Ltd. A.C.N. 008 947 537 A.B.N. 34 224 395 962

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